Research Publications

Guo, Q*., Ng, P.*, Shi, S., Fan, D., Li, J., Wang, H., Do, T., David, R., Mittal, P., Bock, R., Zhao, M., Zhou, W. and Searle, I. (2019). Arabidopsis TRM5 encodes a nuclear-localised bifunctional tRNA guanine and inosine-N1-methyltransferase that is important for growth. [Published] PLOSOne; doi:

*Co-first author

Book Chapters

Li, J, Trung Q, Do, Wu, X, Nguyen, V, Ng, P, Zhao, J, Burgess, A, David, R. Quantitative and single nucleotide resolution profiling of RNA 5-methylcytosine [Published], Spinger Science + Media, LLC, New York